bdr® - The Medical Concept

Results comparable to medical skin treatment
bdr® is increasingly used by dermatologists and aesthetic plastic surgeons too effectively supplement pre-and post-plastic and aesthetic procedures.

Why Choose bdr®

In the last few years, bdr® has established itself as a specialist in the field of medically oriented skin care. A combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that reverse skin aging.  The treatment successes are based on the gentle and intensive bdr® micro-stimulation, dermabrasion, light therapy, and massage technology (such as manual lymph drainage).

Recommended by doctors

Dr. Holzschuh

(plastic and aesthetic surgeon):

Immediately visible results for all skin types

The one system for all skin types

bdr® has, to a certain extent, developed a highly effective alternative to invasive surgery showing results comparable to medical skin treatment. bdr® additionally has a supportive effect before and after aesthetic plastic surgery, with the specially designed compatibility of bdr® dermaceuticals.

Undoubtedly, the bdr® method is a cosmetic treatment, which shows success that can be excellently combined with plastic surgery. This forms a synergy between plastic surgery, skin care clinics and somatologists for dermaceutical regeneration.

With bdr®, you notice the difference in your skin’s appearance after the very first treatment. To optimise your skin’s potential, we recommend a course of at least 6 weekly bdr® sessions. Your daily bdr® home-care ritual, alongside additional treatments every 4-8 weeks, is the key to long-term success.

This single, highly technological equipment system enables endless forms of treatment and is individually adaptable to all skin types and ages. The unique synergy of biotechnology and natural essences engineers a skin care line is that is unparalleled in its effectiveness and its results.


bdr® Prime Capsule Expert

TIME CAPSULE EXPERT System stand for an inspiring “all-in-one-solution”:

Needling, Dermabrasion, Massage module, and a light concept.

Features of the Advanced System

  • Micropeel Hand piece
  • Perforation hand pieces XL and XS
  • ProfiPeel
  • Blue “Calming light” and Optional extra

bdr® Expert excels with new standards: equipped with all handpieces and external massage modules. All treatment processes are easily controlled with a large colour touch screen. Boost your product sales with cleverly integrated program sequence and instantly retrievable products information at your fingertips.

The unique synergy of biotechnology and natural active serums engineers a skin care line is that is unparalleled in its effectiveness and its results. Innovative on-touch display for easy menu-controlled operation.

Our single high-tech device system provides innumerable forms of treatment – each one adapted individually to all skin types and ages. The unique synergy of biotechnology combined with bdr® natural essences creates a skin care line that is entirely unique in effectiveness and results.


i Cube Version

_i cube i

From now on, all you will need in your institute, is a small and compact power device.


With the I Cube all handpieces of the bdr® Medical Beauty concept can be controlled namely Dermabrasion, Micro-needling and Micro-stimulation.

Added benefit is the Micro-pigmentation Handpiece including Microblading.


With an app on your Android tablet the I Cube takes you literally by hand and guides you through the settings. Possibilities, without limits, just in a single device.

All up-dates of the software will be permanently free of charge. Latest innovations – from permanent make-up and medical beauty.

bdr®– Compact

Handpieces Table Model

Table Model

bdr® Basic Compact system feature an extremely easy to use innovative touch panel with a wide variety of applications. The Profipeel dermabrasion handpiece ensures fantastically smooth skin with a gentle peel. Two distinctive stimulation handpieces. XL and XS, feature highly effective “needling” for firm, smooth skin with a youthful and fresh complexion. The FAN handpiece completes the treatment concept.

Handpieces/Features include:

  • XL Handpiece
  • XS Handpiece
  • Profipeel Handpiece
  • Fan




The Micropeel especially shaped disc with synthetic tips vibrates at a high frequency. During a treatment of at least 5 minutes, approximately 250 000 tips exfoliate the epidermis. A Micropeel treatment guarantees an improved absorption of the applied bdr® active serums.



Profipeel S/M for dermabrasion
The Profipeel round shaped disc with synthetic tips rotate at a high frequency, which leads to dermabrasion of the Stratum Corneum of the skin surface. A pressure sensitive spring carefully glides along the skin with gentle pressure.

Perforation XS

For intensive and localised treatment on wrinkles, lines and scars
Penetrate and deposit of highly active Re-lax 3 serum ingredients deeply into the epidermis


XL Handpiece

Up to 200,000 micro channels are created with the bdr® micro-technology. A firmly defined penetration depth guarantees a safe and even micro-stimulation and direct insertion and complete absorption of the specific applied bdr® serums.

XL (2)

bdr® Single Line System


Equipment system with the appropriate handle and accessories.

Your choice:



DermaLift Body 


Calming Light

Pure, revitalized skin, with bdr® Calming Light

The highly efficient results of blue Calming Light treatment are scientifically proven. Light-emitting diodes of a specific wavelength have an antibacterial (e.g., destruction of the porphyrin bacteria in acne) and inflammation-inhibiting effect.
The release of serotonin, the “happiness hormone”, can be increased with a mood elevating effect. The cell-vitalization is increased, and the skin appears smoother and more even. A calming effect can be expected for extremely dry and flaky skin

LED Mask

Vibrating eMask

LED_Mask ray of light
Vibration_Mask good vibes

The LED diodes with 630 nm wavelength stimulates the fibroblasts. Clinically tested, using LED Mask simultaneously with other skin care products can enhance the absorption rate and achieve a multiplier effect.

Vibrations increase cellular metabolism and detoxification of tissues.


Training on products and technique with initial opening order or unit purchased is complimentary. Maximum of 4 therapists.

We offer the following Training Courses

  • Peel Training
  • Different Peels and Peel Strength
  • Ingredients in products
  • Different Skin types and conditions
  • Skin anatomy

Contact us for all info on courses offered