So what makes “Alexandria Body Sugaring” so special?

ALEXANDRIA “Body Sugaring” is seen as today’s most cost effective hair removal process that is a 100% natural alternative to hair removal and safe for the skin than the traditional waxing and laser methods on the market. It is Hypoallergenic, Non comedogenic, Hygienic, No cross contamination risk and leaves no sticky residue on the skin and completely water-soluble.

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Laser clinics are using sugaring in between treatments to remove the fine white hair that laser do not pick up.

The Customers confirm that the Sugaring process is by far gentler, safer and far less painful than other processes.

Once sugared, always sugared as it is a pleasant hair removal experience that leads to permanency. Official and body hair has revolutionised the beaut
After each professional treatment undertaken, only by authorised and qualified sugaring practitioners, the skin is left well exfoliated, soft, smooth, and healthy and hygienically clean, without any burning, blistering, breakouts, tearing, bruising, stickiness or any other adverse effect to the skin whatsoever.

A common remark from clients immediately following a full body professional sugaring treatment is, “I feel so fresh and clean!” That’s because the sugaring treatment also works very well at exfoliating dead skin cells and at detoxifying the follicles of debris. Regardless of skin color, hair texture or area of the body requested for treatment, hair growth is refined and diminished and your skin tone and texture change from rough and dry to a silky smooth and healthy looking skin through regular sugaring treatments.

When sugaring is performed to its peak possibilities, it will lead to permanency.
All areas of the body can be sugared – male or female: Legs, underarms, brows, lips, full face, Hollywood, beard, nose, ears etc.

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“Body Sugaring” - The “New Smooth” Hair Removal Process

It is Important to note that “Body Sugaring” is a unique hair removal process and its product is totally different to that of any wax type, therefore cannot be classified as similar to the waxing hair removal process.

What is the minimum requirement in order to become a qualified Sugaring Practitioner?

Applicants must be operational within the health and beauty industry. Preferably a fully qualified therapist who has an in depth knowledge of hair growth phases, body chemistry, anatomy & physiology of the skin and hair as well as best hygiene practices.

Non-qualified applicants wanting to enter the health and beauty industry may apply for Sugaring Training to form part of their specialised beauty training now on offer at selected Training Institutions.