Colour your life

JvG  Make-up Collection is a trendsetting and innovative make-range of premium quality designed and manufactured in Europe and is regularly updated with the latest seasonal colour trends. Using natural and pure ingredients, John van G sets the trend with glamorous and exciting lines


 John van G Make-up Collection creates beauty and makes you shine!

  • No animal testing, a strict ingredient policy and an environmentally friendly refillable system make it the perfect finishing touch!
  • Vegan Friendly
  • John van G is an Internationally acclaimed Make-Up Collection
  • The range is not only just aesthetic, it also cares for the skin, in that the powders contain no talc and will therefore not block any pores or cause any breakouts. Our green camouflage stick contains small traces of tea Tree thereby drying out the pustule, papule or comedone whilst concealing it.



Using magnetic compacts, this system enables you to select a personal combination of colours with limitless possibilities to suit every mood or occasion


There is less wastage of packaging with John van G due to its magnetic compact design and refill system


Dramatic – Evening Look

Foundations give excellent coverage and eyeshadows have a great blending capability


Do you want a new look?

Book a Personal Workshop & Make-up Lesson

Our Make-up Workshops

We created a series of workshops and Make-up lessons to meet the need of every women.

We offer individual one-on-one sessions

Learn how to apply your own make-up and get a make-over.

With every workshop you will receive products to the value of the workshop.


We offer the following Workshops:

Natural Day Make-up Workshop

For a natural look with minimum time to spend in front of the mirror

R1200 per person

Maximum 2 per session


Professional Day Make-up Workshop

For the career driven Professional that always needs to look her best.

R1200 per person

Maximum 2 per session


Evening Look Make-up Workshop

Learn how to create a beautiful and youthful look for any evening engagement.

You will be taught the techniques to create a make-up for any evening occasion.

R1200 per person

Maximum 2 per session


Smoky Eyes Make-up Workshop

Learn how to create a perfect smoky eye. We will teach you how to blend eyeshadow and combine with eyeliner to create the most amazing smoky eye effect

R900 per person

Maximum 2 per session


Natural Contouring Workshop

Highlight and contouring is the foundation of all make-up.

Learn how to properly contour the face to create a corrected look that is both aesthetically pleasing and subtle.

We will guide you in how to blend cream foundation, highlighters, concealers and powder products to create the perfect defining and contoured look.

R1200 per person

Maximum 2 per session

Training Courses

Our courses cover

  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Corrective Make-up
  • Highlighting & Contouring
  • Face Shapes
  • Product Knowledge
  • Brushes
  • Uses of products – mixing colours & textures
  • Basis Procedures for applying Make-up
  • Make-up Natural (Day)
  • Make-up Professional (Day)
  • Evening
  • Wedding